Hogwarts Legacy Gamescom Trailer Features Companion Sebastian Sallow

The latest trailer for Hogwarts Legacy as promised was shown during Opening Night Live at Gamescom today. The new trailer follows companion Sebastian Sallow as his “dark legacy”.

In case you missed it, Hogwarts Legacy will have a few companions that the play will team up with, one from each house, with Sebastian Sallow representing Slytherin. From the get-go, those sorted into house Slytherin always have you a little wary of their past, and Sebastian seems to be no exception. In this latest look at the magical school, Sallow seems to be a on quest to find out about the founder of the Slytherin house, Salazar Slytherin as well as the darker side of magic known as the Dark Arts. In particular the Unforgivable Curses.

The particular curse talked about in this trailer is Crucio, a spell meant to render a target under extreme pain and torture. Sallow sets to teach the others how to use it, or to demonstrate its power on them. Will you choose to embrace the dark arts? But by going what Sallow says in the footage about a spell that can help you shouldn’t be called “unforgivable” might mean he’s leaning towards darker magic. There seems to be some secrets to uncover as the students get further and further into the mystery, which also includes undead skeleton-like figures that can turn into a staircase.

The video description explains players will be offered optional quest lines when it comes to Sebastian Sallow, as you face the “dilemmas” of his family’s mystery and diving further into what the dark arts has to offer.

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