Where Winds Meet Will Let Players Become A Magical Assassin, But Also Allows Complete Freedom

Where Winds Meet is an open-world RPG at its core. The game features tons of exploration into a wide world set in the tail-end of the Ten Kingdoms era. People won’t need to be familiar with history to be able to appreciate the story of a warrior who’s trying to find their place in a world where conflict has started to end. What need is there for a swordsman where peace is flourishing?

Thematically, that fits in with Red Dead Redemption 2. The story of Arthur Morgan and his rag-tag gang is quite similar. They’re a gang of bandits where ruthlessness has started losing its luster and civilization has become the norm. Visually, it has a lot of similarities with Ghost of Tsushima’s forests and environments but with its own unique elements like clothing and architecture. Gameplay-wise, it looks like it has taken notes from Assassin’s Creed wherein you can stalk alleyways and NPCs, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

The Gameplay Examined
The actual gameplay footage is about 2 minutes in length. We are greeted by a bustling ancient city filled to the brim with wandering merchants, peasants, and guards. Our protagonist is revealed to be able to climb walls and mountains but at the same time seemingly levitate dozens of feet in the air. They can also walk on water, which we can see later, makes invading enemy ships quite a breeze.

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