Harvestella Deep Dive Shown At Nintendo Treehouse: Live

Square Enix’s little slice-of-life game, Harvestella, was one of the main attractions in August’s Nintendo Treehouse: Live event. It’s good to see that Squenix is investing in smaller mid-budget games that look to be less grandiose in scope yet still offer many simpler activities to relax with. This is especially nice since the game’s primary release will be on the Switch and Steam (and I reckon that a lot of people will be playing this title on their Steamdecks).

The Cycle of Seasons and Gameplay
Harvestella is part Stardew Valley, part Final Fantasy, part pet simulator. Our adventure begins as our character wakes up in a field, mysteriously (and conveniently) affected by amnesia. A lone doctor named Cres from the nearby town of Lethe saves you. Apparently, it’s quite dangerous to be rolling around in the dirt during what’s called a “Quietus”, an unnaturally dangerous weather phenomenon.

Harvestella Opening Sequence
Harvestella Opening Sequence

These devastating weather patterns are seemingly caused by a meteorite that has recently crashed into the earth, just a bit north of Cres’ village. With it, the comet brought about Omens with them – creatures of metal with unknown origins.

Peaceful Farmer Yet Wrathful Warrior
Peaceful Farmer Yet Wrathful Warrior

Lucky enough that the town of Lethe seems to like you so much that they give you a free home and a plot of land. Time to farm, then!

Careful Planning
Harvestella, just like Stardew Valley, will have two very important resources that players must manage: time and energy. Everything else is just secondary to these crucial attributes. All actions that the player performs in-game will eat up a bit of energy, just like in real life. Things like sprinting, adventuring, watering the crops, fighting monsters, making friends, or cooking meals will drain the bar ever so slightly. Just like in real life, time also moves (though at a much quicker pace). Stay out too late and you might pass out, regardless of how much energy you have left.

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