Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Free Title Update 2 Teases Flaming Espinas

Fresh off the heels of the first title update for the Sunbreak expansion, Capcom have already announced they are planning to release the next update as soon as late September. They have teased what’s coming with free title update 2, and it’s the new monster variant Flaming Espinas.

Espinas joined Monster Hunter Rise when the Sunbreak was released, which was the first time the monster had joined a new game since the release of Monster Hunter Frontier 2.0 back in 2008.

An updated roadmap shows MHR players will receive another free title update by the end of the year in winter, with more updates coming in 2023. We’ll learn about more of the monsters coming to Sunbreak as we get closer to the release of the updates.

The new variation is based off the Espinas which has paralysis, poison as well as fireblight as part of its arsenal. The Flaming version sounds just as menacing which you can check out in the teaser trailer below.

Sunbreak receive its first free update which added new variants and monsters including the Lucent Nargacuga and the Seething Bazelgeuse. But not only new monsters came to the game, but new area and activities. Anomaly Investigations added new quests for hunter’s to level Anomaly Research, adding a new way to augment equipment through Qurious Crafting.

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