Rooted Gameplay Trailer Feels And Looks Like The Last Of Us

Rooted is a post-apocalyptic survival base-building game, which has caught our attention at Gamescom 2022’s Future Game Show Event! You either play solo or with friends as you all try to make the best of what you have in this bleak and seemingly desolate world. Rooted is developed and published by Headlight Studio. It is planned to be released on March 2024 via PC.

Rooted Gameplay Trailer Feels And Looks Like The Last Of Us
Rooted’s gameplay trailer takes us to the year 2100 in which remnants of the past are highlighted such as unoccupied parks, unkempt vines surrounding gas stations, and empty houses with no trace of anyone in the vicinity. Even the subway is devoid of life. Because of how well-utilized Unreal Engine 5 is in depicting meticulously detailed and grim environmental designs, you cannot help but feel like you are roaming the same universe as The Last of Us.

Rooted – Empty Parks

Open realistic spaces are very much reminiscent of that. Not only does the world feel lonely and isolating to explore, but you are also left with no other choice but to scrounge whatever you can just to survive.

Rooted – A Brief History
In Rooted, you play as a survivor where you are forced to adapt and live with whatever the past can offer. This is no easy task since you always need to move carefully. Even if nature has occupied the streets and buildings, and time has passed, bacterial weapons continue to be deadly. Matters are made worse in urban places so you must wear special equipment for maximum protection.

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