Forspoken Gets A Gameplay Deep-Dive In New 10-Minute Footage

Athia has been ground zero for a cataclysmic event called The Break which has corrupted almost every living being there is. We are introduced to three notable areas in the newest Forspoken gameplay footage. First is Cipal, the only safe haven for humanity and the only friendly city that Frey will be able to visit. Just like any RPG, this city will be the major hub that Frey will return to, and will have many useful services and quest givers.

Next is Praenost, a wide open landscape that is more desert than a forest. It is right on the outskirts of Cipal, so while it is relatively safe Frey shouldn’t take that for granted. Think of it as her own personal inhospitable playground.

Lastly is Avolet, a once lush forest that looks somewhat like Limgrave in Elden Ring. While this area still has some greenery to it, these lands have the most corrupted areas in all of Athia. Even the very weather in Avolet is cursed, manifesting only as swirling miasmas of darkness. Even the vegetation here has not been spared, as they have an alien-like purple glow to them.

Exploration at Its Finest
Exploring Forspoken and the lands of Athia will be one of the activities that Frey will be doing, aside from combat. There are many hidden secrets in the world. Treasure, gear, mana, and Forspoken lore are just some rewards waiting to be found.

Athia Landscapes
Athia Landscapes

Ancient Bell Towers in the world will act as survey points that Frey can scan. Doing so will reveal multiple nearby points of interest. She should explore these thoroughly, as they can contain glowing pools of Mana. Frey’s maximum mana will determine what kind of offensive spells she can cast, so it is important to seek these pools out.

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